Welcome Janice from Brazil and all new members!

Mª Cristina P. Pereira macripiper at GMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 13 18:33:19 UTC 2006

I'm from Brazil as well. If you want something translated take a look
at the UCPEL site (look for Antonio Rocha da Costa). Thereis a pdf
file with a basic content that is very useful. Any doubts you may mail
me in private and I'll give you directions, ok?
Best Regards

Mª Cristina Pires Pereira

Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
MSN: macripiper at hotmail.com

2006/12/13, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at mac.com>:
> SignWriting List
> December 13, 2006
> Janice Temoteo from Crato, Brazil wrote:
> > Hello You all! I'm "new" in learning SignWriting and I'd like to
> > know if theres a book explaining everything to me in a easier way,
> > cause looking to the site I don't where to begin.
> > Thanks Janice
> Hello Janice!
> WELCOME to the SignWriting List!
> And welcome to all new members!
> We have some new members from Brazil, Romania, the US and several
> other countries...
> I can imagine you do not know how to begin, so first, introduce
> yourselves on the SW List!
> Every new member is most welcome...
> Janice, I know you are a teacher of Deaf students in Crato, Brazil,
> and you want to teach them SignWriting. How do you begin?
> Learn SignWriting on the SW List by asking questions. We will teach
> you step by step. I will post a message to the List explaining how to
> begin...(thank you Cherie for the excellent information already)
> Want donated DVDs and books in ASL on SignWriting? for your school?
> The donated books and DVDs in ASL will give your students and
> teachers a place to start. Then you can translate the materials into
> your Sign Language.
> To receive the donated materials, I need two things: a letter
> requesting the materials from your school, and the teacher who will
> be using the materials (you) needs to fill out a form telling us why
> you want to use SignWriting.
> I will post a message to the List with the forms soon...
> And Janice...please tell us about your work in Crato - 58 Deaf
> students...is that right? That is really great....
> Val ;-)

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