Pauline Roberts' amazing Xmas card

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Thu Dec 14 01:46:54 UTC 2006

Its beautiful... could we get a translation?


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my mate Pauline (in Manchester) is good with making cards (let it be
Xmas cards, Easter cards etc) and she told me last week that she ll
send me a card that she have made - I was like "Oh lovely" thinking
its nothing special (apart from the fact that its hand-made - im a
great fan of hand-made cards)

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was running out of the house late for me
university (as usual) and I picked up the post - I recognised
Pauline's writing and I was wondering why it was bulky - opening the
card inside the taxi, her beautiful job was...simply, a genius and
wonderful - you ll have to view the scanned pixs (I do hope the pics
will get thru to SW-L).

Her card brightened my day - and im going to treasure it forever!


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