BRAZIL: news from a former (or not) SW researcher

Mª Cristina P. Pereira macripiper at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 14 15:42:52 UTC 2006

> December 13, 2006
> THANK YOU, Cris!
> And how are you, Cris? ...are you working with SignWriting at all
> now?...I remember before you were very active...
> Val ;-)
> -------------

Dear Val and SW list members:
I'm quite fine. I don't work with SW directly, I'm researching the
Brazilian SLI proficiency in my Master, but occasionally I have the
opportunity to contact again SW. February I gave SW basic (and
intensive) lessons to hearing adults (researchers) from the Federal
University of Brasilia (UnB) and it was the first time there was no
deaf in the class and that I teached it in Portuguese (before only in
sign language). It was a good surprise to see that students and
scholars from UnB learned SW so fast as deaf individuals. They intend
to use it for transcriptions of sign language.
And recently I've presented a paper in a Linguistic event (Celsul) in
Pelotas called: The possibility of Signwriting in Deaf Literacy
(available only in Portuguese, sorry). As you can see SW is not in my
focus now, but it's always around (even in my own sign language
I've been at TISLR, fortunately or unfortunately, I've been working in
the Brazilian Sign Language team with almost no time to chat, it was a
shame cause I've only said "hi" and "see you later" then gone back to
Best regards to everyone!


Mª Cristina Pires Pereira

Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
MSN: macripiper at

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