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Fri Dec 15 12:55:16 UTC 2006

Hi, Maria Cristina! Are you doing your master in what university? I'm
looking for an university who works ( or accept) sign language studies...

2006/12/14, Mª Cristina P. Pereira <macripiper at>:
> > December 13, 2006
> >
> > THANK YOU, Cris!
> >
> > And how are you, Cris? ...are you working with SignWriting at all
> > now?...I remember before you were very active...
> >
> > Val ;-)
> >
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> Dear Val and SW list members:
> I'm quite fine. I don't work with SW directly, I'm researching the
> Brazilian SLI proficiency in my Master, but occasionally I have the
> opportunity to contact again SW. February I gave SW basic (and
> intensive) lessons to hearing adults (researchers) from the Federal
> University of Brasilia (UnB) and it was the first time there was no
> deaf in the class and that I teached it in Portuguese (before only in
> sign language). It was a good surprise to see that students and
> scholars from UnB learned SW so fast as deaf individuals. They intend
> to use it for transcriptions of sign language.
> And recently I've presented a paper in a Linguistic event (Celsul) in
> Pelotas called: The possibility of Signwriting in Deaf Literacy
> (available only in Portuguese, sorry). As you can see SW is not in my
> focus now, but it's always around (even in my own sign language
> transcriptions).
> I've been at TISLR, fortunately or unfortunately, I've been working in
> the Brazilian Sign Language team with almost no time to chat, it was a
> shame cause I've only said "hi" and "see you later" then gone back to
> work.
> Best regards to everyone!
> --
> Mª Cristina Pires Pereira
> Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
> MSN: macripiper at
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