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I guess what i am missing now is the original open crab claw.  One ends with the closed point, but cannot tell that that the hand actually opens quite wide, I would end up reading this as a very small open shut (like a g hand, not a big open curve).  Here is my attempt, with a starting position also shown. (now cancer_5)

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December 28, 2006

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> who could help me write the sign for cancer....
> you can see the video on 
> theme=dicocomplet

Hello Anny and everyone -

The signer appears to me to be doing a Hinge Finger Motion, from the 
Knuckle Joint, like the opening and closing of a door. Because the 
signer has such amazing fingers...very flexible and big and almost is hard to see this. I can see why you might 
think the movement was from the Middle Joint, but I believe, like 
Shane mentioned, that the motion must be from the Knuckle Joint like 
the sign for Crab in ASL...

So if it were from the Middle Joint...those would have been dark dots 
like you wrote, Anny...but the Hinge Motion are those tiny little 

Also, for me, it looked like he was touching his chest each time, but 
not Rubbing...Rub means continual-contact that never leaves the chest 
at all but he was doing a touch-touch-touch I believe...

See attached writing is in your French-Swiss 

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