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Le 29 déc. 06 à 07:27, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> December 28, 2006
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> who could help me write the sign for cancer....
>> you can see the video on 
>> theme=dicocomplet
> Hello Anny and everyone -
> The signer appears to me to be doing a Hinge Finger Motion, from  
> the Knuckle Joint, like the opening and closing of a door. Because  
> the signer has such amazing fingers...very flexible and big and  
> almost is hard to see this. I can see why you  
> might think the movement was from the Middle Joint, but I believe,  
> like Shane mentioned, that the motion must be from the Knuckle  
> Joint like the sign for Crab in ASL...
YEs I agree with that.... and I also agree with the hinge movment
> So if it were from the Middle Joint...those would have been dark  
> dots like you wrote, Anny...but the Hinge Motion are those tiny  
> little arrows...
thanks for your help
> Also, for me, it looked like he was touching his chest each time,  
> but not Rubbing...Rub means continual-contact that never leaves the  
> chest at all but he was doing a touch-touch-touch I believe...
actually it does rub!! as you showed in your other message!!! I like  
this spelling very much... the only detail I would change is the  
beginning position... I would start with an opened position and then  
close close, close.... rubbing up!



> See attached writing is in your French-Swiss  
> SignPuddle...
> <cancer-CHfr-2.jpg>

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