How long does it take to learn?

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Thank you everyone for you replies.  

I get the point it is not completely about speed, but it does seem to be an important factor.  Since many people who are fluent in a SL can understand some basics within a few minutes they feel encouraged that reading their language is possible.  If the system was so  complex that it took many hours to understand simple sentences I doubt it would every catch on, anywhere.  Ease of learning has been noted as a key competent of a good writing system.

Another key is a the maximum representation which SW seems to do quite well.  The development of a writing system takes time and input from others, this forum is a testimony as to why this is true.  A word can be represented in many ways, some are more accurate than others.  Many times it takes other people to help you see a better way.

I appreciate the  comments and wisdom you have shared with me, thank you.


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Just so you know, I'm probing a bit for some research I'm doing :)

From your experiences, how long does it take for your average Deaf person to learn SW good enough to read most things?  I know this is pretty vague, but I'd like to know about what you've experienced yourself or in training classes.

I'd also like to know how many people are using SW on a daily basis, and in what ways.  I have seen the cards and a couple of emails, but in what ways are you using this on a daily basis for meaningful communication outside of the handful of grade schools I've seen listed.

Does anyone leave coworkers notes in SW?  Look around your computer, on a bulletin board or on your fridge, do you have notes to yourself or others in SW?  I'd really like to know how the deaf
 Deaf are using SW on a daily basis.


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