How long does it take to learn?

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Fri Dec 29 19:08:46 UTC 2006

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December 29, 2006

Jason Hopkins wrote:
> Thank you everyone for you replies.
> I get the point it is not completely about speed, but it does seem  
> to be an important factor.  Since many people who are fluent in a  
> SL can understand some basics within a few minutes they feel  
> encouraged that reading their language is possible.  If the system  
> was so  complex that it took many hours to understand simple  
> sentences I doubt it would every catch on, anywhere.  Ease of  
> learning has been noted as a key competent of a good writing system.
> Another key is a the maximum representation which SW seems to do  
> quite well.  The development of a writing system takes time and  
> input from others, this forum is a testimony as to why this is  
> true.  A word can be represented in many ways, some are more  
> accurate than others.  Many times it takes other people to help you  
> see a better way. I appreciate the comments and wisdom you have  
> shared with me, thank you.

What a lovely message, Jason...Thank you for asking good questions too!

The purpose of the SignWriting List is to discuss SignSpelling  
issues. So whenever anyone posts a technical question on how to write  
a sign, I always answer those questions as fast as possible...and the  
List is free. Anyone can post individual signs to ask how to write  
them...this gives all of us an excellent forum on discussing what  
works and what doesn't work...and I hope List members know that if  
you post questions on how to write a sign, I will put those messages  
as the priority...

Adam Frost and I just finished a videophone conversation about  
SignWriting work in 2007. So I am just now sitting down to prepare  
the summary of the SignSpelling rules we were discussing just a few  
hours ago...

I am going to start a new Lesson section on the web called  
SignSpelling Guidelines 2007. We have an older book of the same name,  
in 2004:

SignSpelling Guidelines 2004

but a lot of new developments have happened since we will  
be getting new software, in 2007, SignPuddle 2.0, which includes the  
ability to add the SignSpelling Sequence to the dictionary so people  
can sort dictionaries by Sign-Symbol-Sequence (SSS)...We can already  
do that in SignBank, but with the future SignPuddle 2.0 we will be  
able to do it faster, and then we can import the data into SignBank  
automatically so SignBank dictionary development will go faster...

OK. I am going back to work on preparing the answers to everyone's  

Thanks for writing...

Val ;-)

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