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Fri Dec 29 20:37:30 UTC 2006

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December 29, 2006

Ha! Right after I sent my last email message to the List, the voice  
phone rang, and it was Cecilia Flood from New Mexico! I just got off  
the phone this minute...we had a great conversation about SignWriting  
in New I haven't had a chance to do the Spelling  
diagrams yet...

But while I was talking on the phone (grin) I saw this:

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This was one of the ways of writing the sign that I had planned to  
explain...very good!

You can place the multiple movements between the beginning and ending  
positions, which means that you are really doing the movement three  
times, but you only have to write the handshapes one time...

Thanks for this, Adam.... Did you place this sign in the French-Swiss  
SignPuddle? That is where it belongs...

I think at this point, let's assume that my posting will be  
tomorrow...I need to get some rest...

Have a wonderful day everyone, and thanks to you all for your  
exciting input!

Val ;-)

PS. Adam...Maybe you could write your sign for SignPuddle, that you  
showed me on the videophone today?...I love that sign! Share it with  
the List to see what they think...we need an easily understood sign  
for SignPuddle...yours is so cute because it looks like it is raining  
signs being put in a dictionary...

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