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Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 3 22:01:22 UTC 2006

Translating that sentence into gloss I would say,
"Suppose milk "put out" leave-long-time, (then) milk
spoil stink."  The "put out" part is the right hand
only, moving from low right arcing in toward the body
on its way to higher left-- no left hand in that sign
at all. Mime of taking the milk out of the fridge and
placing it on the counter. I put the second S
handshape in to specify the ending position, perhaps I
should not?  But the arrow isn't quite long enough to
get clear over to the other side of the body...

This might relate to what someone else said about
coloring the right and left hand differently, because
if there are two handshapes, one automatically assumes
that both hands are involved...  

Yes I do shift slightly toward the left, a shoulder
twist.  Theres also some eyegaze stuffI don't have
down here either.  Wow, this really makes you analyze
everything you do, doesn't it?!  How do you judge what
is 'just enough' for everyday writing?  I know in
writing the individual signs, there have been a few
where you fudge a little on handshape for the sake of
simplicity, as long as its understandable...  How does
that cross over to sentences?


--- Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> February 3, 2006
> Cherie wrote:
> > Then I did the third sign wrong, because that is
> the right hand  
> > taking the milk (presumably from the refrigerator)
> and placing it  
> > over to the left, where it gets left.  Its a
> 'handle' classifier,  
> > miming the placement of the milk container.  How
> could I make that  
> > more clear?
> Please see attached diagram...
> I believe I understand the sentence...If I don't,
> then please correct  
> me. Judging from what I have seen in other ASL
> sentences, I might  
> have placed the entire last section of that
> sentence, where it is  
> discussing the fact that the milk sat outside the
> fridge for a long  
> time and became spoiled...I might place that whole
> last section in  
> the Left Lane, since the milk is placed over to the
> left...Take a  
> look at Ingvild's excellent sentence which she just
> posted...Use the  
> Left Lane button when you want to desribe something
> over to the Left...
> Suppose, Milk, Take out of Fridge...Center Lane
> Sit outside of Fridge maybe in Left Lane?
> Next section describing the milk would be in the
> Left Lane?...
> take a look at your body when you sign it...are you
> doing a tiny  
> shift over to the Left when you are describing the
> milk? That is the  
> Left Lane

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