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February 3, 2006

Cherie Wren from Georgia wrote:
> Translating that sentence into gloss I would say,
> "Suppose milk "put out" leave-long-time, (then) milk
> spoil stink."  The "put out" part is the right hand
> only, moving from low right arcing in toward the body
> on its way to higher left-- no left hand in that sign
> at all. Mime of taking the milk out of the fridge and
> placing it on the counter. I put the second S
> handshape in to specify the ending position, perhaps I
> should not?  But the arrow isn't quite long enough to
> get clear over to the other side of the body...

You are absolutely correct, Cherie! You did write it correctly and  
the reason I mis-read it, is that the arrow that was in the IMWA  
wasn't long enough, and I was reading too quickly. If the arrow could  
have extended all the way to the second position properly, as you  
wanted to write but could not because of a lack of symbols, then I  
suspect I would have it is all the right hand and it is  
well written. The lack of the arrow in the IMWA is just a matter of  
my adding it...I need to find a way for you to be able to construct  
unsually long arrows whenever you need that is something I  
am thinking through right now...You do not need color...although I  
love color for children, and we can color signs, as you know, in  
SignPuddle...can we color in SignText Mail, Steve?

Generally color is useful for tiny children, and maybe for some  
grammar lessons to highlight something while you are teaching, but  
SignWriting can write the grammar of ASL no matter what the  
color...So it is important that we do not become dependent on color  
for understanding...

I look for the arrowhead near the second handshape, when I am reading  
fast...writing by hand would have solved this!! So this is a fault  
with the IMWA and not

And of course we can see that the hand is on the other side of the  
body, because the Facial Circle gives us the anchor to the  
center...we can see the right hand is on the left side of the facial that means on the left side of the body...

So you have the right hand of the fourth sign, lined up with the  
finishing right hand of the third sign...that is good...

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