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February 3, 2006

Cherie Wren wrote:
> Yes I do shift slightly toward the left, a shoulder
> twist.  Theres also some eyegaze stuffI don't have
> down here either.  Wow, this really makes you analyze
> everything you do, doesn't it?!  How do you judge what
> is 'just enough' for everyday writing?  I know in
> writing the individual signs, there have been a few
> where you fudge a little on handshape for the sake of
> simplicity, as long as its understandable...  How does
> that cross over to sentences?

OK. I figured you shifted left. The second section of your sentence  
uses the Left Lane..and eyegaze helps too...

Take a look at Ingvild's sentence using Right Lane and Left Lane  
shifting (attached)...Even though we do not know Norwegian Sign  
Language, if you just glance down this sentence quickly, you can read  
it quickly, that there are shifts in weight from right to  
really looks like Sign Language! this too much for everyday writing? Perhaps for those who do  
not know signed languages fluently, it will take time for them to  
understand Lanes, but for those who are true signers, they know this  
a part of the grammar and placing the same signs to the right or left  
is not hard! It just looks like the language...

For those who criticize us for not writing the language, if they took  
the time to look at SignWriting in vertical columns with Lanes, they  
would see that we are capturing the way signed languages really  
look...and for those who know the language, it is necessary  
information I believe...

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