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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Feb 6 18:23:48 UTC 2006

Hi Cherie,

I just sent the email to my yahoo account.  It repeated some of the 
signs like you said.  Yahoo processing is corrupting the email somehow.  
I will investigate and try and get yahoo to play nice.


Cherie Wren wrote:
> OK, had to look at them in yahoo, since I can't see
> the pictures in Lotus Notes...  That is what
> originally arrived, but that isn't what I originally
> sent.  On my computer at least, the third section
> starts mother, then says 'he he he" in the center,
> then some more "he he he" in the right lane, then
> three 'hes' and three 'sits' in the left lane.  Which
> is not what I built in SignText.  So somewhere between
> the hitting of the button to email and its arrival at
> the list, there is a bug.  
> I noticed the same thing with someone elses
> sentence...  "view from my window"  It arrived at my
> computer with lots of repetition after the 'running
> around" (guessing, not my language, but it looked very
> much like kids running).  So either my computer is not
> displaying accurately, If I'm the only one seeing the
> repetitions,; or something is wrong.  Are you seeing
> the multiple iterations of 'he' and sit' in my
> sentence?  Did you see repetitions in the "view"
> sentence?  
> cherie
> --- slevin at signpuddle.net wrote:
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> Re: [sw-l] length limit      
> Hi Cherie,
> This is a copy of the original writing that you sent
> to the list.  Press the `Load into SignText` button,
> wait for all of images to load, and then press
> refresh.  You should have your whole sentence.  
> Then go to the bookmark page and add a new bookmark. 
> This new bookmark should contain the whole sentence.  
> -Steve
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