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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Feb 6 18:27:16 UTC 2006

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February 6, 2006

Hi Cherie!
I can see you assume that Steve and I can read fluent ASL sentences!  
That is cool! But I am not sure I know the signs that are equivalent  
to the glosses you mention below...I have not been able to keep up  
with all the messages...so I will go back in the Archive to see what  
you originally sent and I will answer you...You are way ahead of me,  
because I have been so busy fulfilling orders and answering  
researchers questions...

The way to really tell us if we missed something or not is to take a  
screen capture of the way the sentence looks when it is correct on  
your computer and then send us the screen capture as a graphic to see  
if we saw the same thing you did...

The new problem now is that the sentences are so long that we cannot  
take one screen capture of the whole sentence! So this is all a new  
experience for us...and very exciting one at that! Thank you for  
giving Steve this feedback which is so important...

Since every web browser is different, I guess we will someday need a  
document viewer in Python or something like that...so we all see the  
same thing...I know Steve has talked about doing that in the future...

I suspect you need to use your Refresh Button, Cherie, when you re- 
load in a sentence...it may be that your web browser is holding other  
pictures and is not seeing the same sentence you just loaded...try  
pressing the Refresh Button several times in a row...when you re-load  

Val ;-)


On Feb 6, 2006, at 10:08 AM, Cherie Wren wrote:

> Trying to clarify:
> What shows up in my email here in Yahoo is not what I
> sent, but it is what originally arrived on the list,
> and I sent a follow up message saying it was messed
> up.  Lots of repetitions, maybe a dozen "he"s...
> When I load it, it is missing the final four signs.
> It ends with boy saying "no", but in what I originally
> built/sent he goes on to say he isn't really bored (in
> gloss:  "me bored nothing me!"
> The original sentence said (gloss) BOY HE(l)
> SIT-LONG-TIME.  role shift(l): HEY, MOM I BORED.
> That is what I originally built in SignText, and tried
> to send.  Are you folks seeing that sentence, or the
> one with repetions, or the truncated one?  Maybe there
> is a problem with my computers; it would be two
> different computers though, this one and at home...
> confused in GA...  ::smile::
> cherie
> --- slevin at signpuddle.net wrote:
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> Re: [sw-l] length limit
> Hi Cherie,
> This is a copy of the original writing that you sent
> to the list.  Press the `Load into SignText` button,
> wait for all of images to load, and then press
> refresh.  You should have your whole sentence.
> Then go to the bookmark page and add a new bookmark.
> This new bookmark should contain the whole sentence.
> -Steve
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