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February 13, 2006

Cristina Pereira from Brazil wrote:

> Hi, Val and List members!
> I'm preparing SW classes to beginners, and I've seen the sign for
> /church/ in Libras written as shown in pic#1.
> Well...I'd ask you if writing vertically it won't be better wite it as
> in the pic#2 and horizontally as in the pic#3.
> It's a composed sign: /house/+/cross/.
> But, in the horizontally way, how could we distinguish that it's a
> composed sign?

Hello Cristina!
Great to hear from you again ;-)

Did you know that there is a way to create signs and sentences in  
SignWriting directly on the web now? We use both SignPuddle and  
SignText to create signs, and it makes it easier to discuss the  
writing of signs, because we can compose them and then paste them or  
attach them directly in email to each other... So I will answer your  
question that way now...

Next, I will go to your Brazilian SignPuddle on the web:

LIBRAS SignPuddle on the web

and I will click on the SignMaker icon at the far left of the  
screen...Then I will create the signs you showed us, and add them to  
the Brazilian SignPuddle dictionary on the web...It will list the  
signs as _1, _2, _3 we can see different ways of writing the  
same sign...

Then I will send a new email to the List, and show you the signs that  
I wrote, and we can discuss them. If you don't like a sign, we can  
delete it, or rename it or re-write it...

A great way to learn!

So look for my answer next message...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

Tech support by voice or video...
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