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February 13, 2006


Hello Cristina!

Wonderful web page that mentions and uses SignWriting!

OK...regarding the Brazilian sign for CHURCH...

> Cristina wrote:
>> Well...I'd ask you if writing vertically it won't be better wite  
>> it as
>> in the pic#2 and horizontally as in the pic#3.
>> It's a composed sign: /house/+/cross/.
>> But, in the horizontally way, how could we distinguish that it's a
>> composed sign?

Val answers:
When you say composed sign, do you mean a compound sign? There are  
several ways to write this. The sign for CHURCH is now in your LIBRAS  
SignPuddle on the web...I added different versions there:

LIBRAS SignPuddle

I placed them under the name that the word CHURCH in  
Portuguese? If not, perhaps you would like to become an editor of the  
Brazilian SignPuddle and you can then correct the name and the  
SignWriting if you wish? Tell me if you would like to be an would be great for your students to have a place to enter  
and discuss signs on the web in your

Below are the four signs as an attached diagram to this email...

Number 1 is read: Cross-House (reading down)
Number 2 is read: House-Cross (reading down)
Number 3 is read: House-Cross (reading left to right)
Number 4 is read: House-Cross (reading left to right)

Number 4 tells us that it is a compound sign. The other three  
versions write them close enough together to know they are one sign.  
I don't think the added line for compound-sign, which is like a  
hypen, is necessary to read it, do you? If the signs are placed very  
close to each other I think it is obvious...what do you think?  Val ;-)

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