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Tue Feb 14 01:15:53 UTC 2006

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Cristina P. Pereira wrote:
> Yes, Valerie, church is igreja. But I meant that the sign has an
> order. A compound sign, first /house/ then after /cross/, how do we
> write it showing this first and second sign (at the same place)?
> Thanks! Cris

Hello Cris -
Yes. I understand. The sign has an order. My answer is attached...can  
you see the GIF attached? Both of these writings means "in one  
place"...they do not move down or side...they stay in one place. If  
you wanted to write them moving down or side, you would have to put  
an arrow in the middle between the two positions....

Vertically, you read the top one first, and the bottom one second.

Side by side, you read the one on the left first and the one on the  
right second...

Look in your SignPuddle to find igreja...

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