DanceWriting and SportsWriting Puddles

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Hello Valerie,
I did come as far as being able to find the "load" button and drag a graphic
onto the 5 lines. Now I want the next part of the body. For example I did
get a Grand Battement to the left, but no other parts of the body yet.
When I am drawing by hand, I start with the hips but I could not find a hip
line and how do I change the "grit" on the right side? I don't no the
computer terms. I hope I make myself clear.
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> February 19, 2006
> DanceWriting and SportsWriting continued...
> Go to Dictionary Editors, search for 5 line staff, and click the Load
> Button under the 5-lined staff symbol. That places the 5-line-staff
> in SignMaker...Then you can drag and drop symbols onto the five-lined
> staff to create each dance position...


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