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I have been doing it by copying the sign sentence in display or link or email into Word. Although, using display may not be best as it just copies the symbols and not the placeing. It may be a little different for you as to how then for me because of browser, computer platform etc., but I am sure it can be done.
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Hello - I've been experimenting with the SignText editor and it's going 
very well so far. However, for my purposes it's important that I be 
able to move my SignWriting transcripts into a Word document in order 
to integrate them into the text of my dissertation. I am able to email 
them to myself and so forth, but have not been able to put the SSW text 
into a Word document. Is this possible?
Thank you!
All the best,
Erika Hoffmann

Quoting Valerie Sutton <sutton at>:

> SignWriting List
> February 19, 2006
> DanceWriting and SportsWriting continued...
> Go to Dictionary Editors, search for 5 line staff, and click the Load 
>  Button under the 5-lined staff symbol. That places the 5-line-staff  
> in SignMaker...Then you can drag and drop symbols onto the five-lined 
>  staff to create each dance position...

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