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Tue Feb 28 02:40:26 UTC 2006

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February 27, 2006

> How about adding some movement symbols to the mouth
> area?  Like start with the teeth V.. then add a symbol
> that means the jaw drops/opens.  For the Cha, it would
> be a round mouth lips protruding with a jaw drop.
> Cheeva would be harder...  the mouth moves outward at
> the corners of the mouth so round mouth lips
> protruding, arrows at the corners moving outward...
> that would be followed with the V-jaw drop.  Just an
> idea...

This is great, Cherie and Adam. Your knowledge of ASL is important.  
Maybe we can come to a possible decision...

Here is how to write Jaw Movement in general in SignWriting....A Jaw  
Drop, places two small double stemmed general arrows next to the jaw  
area...there has to be two of them...usually we write the chin with  
the half circle to make it clear what is moving, but I think that  
half circle should not be written...just the arrows is enough I  
think, combined with the mouth symbol you want...see next message...

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