New Symbols in the IMWA ready to use in SignPuddle

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jan 2 20:47:40 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
January 2, 2006

Barbara wrote:
> With SignText I've struck a funny problem: Every time I try to unzip
> I always get a ton of errors when it tries to unzip  
> the IMWA
> folder. The only possible reasonable hypothesis I've got so far is  
> that
> there is a limit on the number of files each folder may contain. In  
> the
> the IMWA has 26589 pngs. But winxp's IMWA folder won't
> contain more than 21844 files. After this, it just repeats  
> tirelessly that
> it is "impossible to copy or move the file". Am I the only one  
> having this
> problem? :-)

Goodness! How annoying for you...

In the old days, when we were on SignWriter DOS only, we had cross  
platform problems....we could not run the DOS program on Macs or on  
Windows XP...

Most of those problems went away, when we started using SignPuddle,  
except for a few new the Refresh Button sometimes  
doesn't seem to Refresh for some people...and also compression  
software is a problem...I suspect that the enormous amount of small  
pngs is just too many to handle for the decompression software in  
some we will need to find a way to split the IMWA  
symbol folder into several folders am sure a  
solution can be found in time...Thanks for your patience...I am glad  
you are using SWEdit and I hope that works for you!!

Happy New Year to you too!

Val ;-)

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