New Symbols in the IMWA ready to use in SignPuddle

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Mon Jan 2 21:19:42 UTC 2006

I think Gregory had that problem before and mentioned it on the list.  
I assume it is a Windows XP problem.  I don't have that problem on the 
Mac OS X platform.



On Jan 2, 2006, at 14:10, barbara.pennacchi at wrote:

> Valerie Sutton writes:
>> Anyway, I did accomplish a lot. There are now 29,108 graphics files
>> in the IMWA folder...which means I added over 3000 symbols...and
>> thanks to Steve, they are already available for use on SignPuddle on
>> the web. There will be more, but at least I got this far!
> I suppose that this means that Steve will have to update also the 
> off-line
> version of SignText, right?
> I'm on vacation now, at my boyfriend's laptop. So I thought "Maybe I 
> can do
> some work before coming back to work..." and went to install in it both
> and SW-Edit.
> With SignText I've struck a funny problem: Every time I try to unzip
> I always get a ton of errors when it tries to unzip the 
> folder. The only possible reasonable hypothesis I've got so far is that
> there is a limit on the number of files each folder may contain. In the
> the IMWA has 26589 pngs. But winxp's IMWA folder won't
> contain more than 21844 files. After this, it just repeats tirelessly 
> that
> it is "impossible to copy or move the file". Am I the only one having 
> this
> problem? :-)
> In the meanwhile: may you have a happy everything! :)
> barbara.

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