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Cherie from Georgia wrote:
> Which of these would be more correct (or did I mess up  
> already?::smile::)?  Its a name sign...

Hello Cherie, Charles and Everyone!
Of course you did not mess up, Cherie...Quite the contrary! I think  
you wrote the sign very well...

And thanks to Charles for your message...

Have you seen this writing rule on the web, Cherie?

Always Write the Position of Contact

See the attached diagram. Following the rule above, the first writing  
that you did is more correct, because it tells the reader where both  
contacts guessing!

There is however, one other way to write the sign, and I have  
attached it to this message. Because we write down in vertical  
columns a lot, placing the two positions vertically is also  

Since this is a Sign-Name, you can ask the person how they feel about  
writing it horizontally or vertically...Is it your Name Sign? ;-)

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