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January 6, 2006

Cherie from Georgia wrote:
> Do you need to copy the head?  Would it be different if the contact  
> point on the second handshape was the tip of the index finger  
> instead of the thumb/middle fingers?  I think I am struggling with  
> how much detail needs to be there, and how much is too much...  I  
> know that 'it depends' (an interpreter's favorite phrase) -- enough  
> so you can't mistake the sign for something else, unless you're  
> doing research and need all the details--  but when I am reading/ 
> writing, I find I tend to want to be more specific than some of the  
> signs I see in the signPuddle.

As far as how much detail to can choose to write both  
beginning and ending hand positions right now...that is a good way to  
start... until you get more skilled...then later you can learn which  
ones to throw away, if you want a shorter writing...

There are some writing rules that we follow...I call those  
SignSpelling rules. They are very specific. You do not have to write  
both hand positions at all times, but when you throw one out, you  
need to keep the position that shows contact...because when reading  
documents our eyes look for the meaning in the contact...

The SignPuddle dictionaries on the web are what we call Community  
SignPuddles...they are free and open and anyone can add a sign  
without a password. So there are lots of writing errors in the  
Community SignPuddles, so it is best to base your learning on reading  
the SignSpelling Rules, rather than studying writing in the  
SignPuddles...It doesn't hurt to study SignPuddle, just as long as  
you realize there are all levels of writing, like a hodgepodge, in  
the ASL SignPuddle especially!

Here are some web pages that I think you should read carefully...They  
have to do with positioning of movements symbols, and the fact that  
each sign has a Center, and that the Position of Contact is important...
to....(and all inbetween)...

If you write the beginning and ending of each sign, following the  
rules above, you will be doing beautifully!

Val ;-)
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