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January 6, 2006

Cherie from Georgia wrote:
> for example, on this  for 'come' from the SignPuddle,  I want to  
> write it like this...
> Because my wrists flex as the two handshapes move forward.  I am  
> having trouble reading SW too, possibly because of the same  
> thing...  Any suggestions?

Ha! Oh that has to do with different ways to sign the same they might even be different signs...the first one is  
showing a steady movement back and straight towards the chest and the  
second one has the wrist movement...both are written correctly for  
the style of signing they are trying to write...So of course there is  
the issue of not finding the exact sign you need in SignPuddle, so  
just add your version...Community SignPuddles are not standardized  
dictionaries...people are writing what they know and we do sign  
differently around the country, plus in different circumstances, you  
might need the other sign...imagine if a person was walking up to  
you...they would come to you but in a straight line, maybe one  
handed? So that needs to be added to the SignPuddle too...and maybe  
that would not use the wrist? So both versions are good additions to  
SignPuddle online...Glad to see you know the wrist symbols! you are  
doing well, Cherie... Val ;-)

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