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January 9, 2006

Cherie from Georgia, in the US, wrote:
> That's the reason I asked about point of contact making a  
> difference, because many people 'mispronounce' my name sign--  they  
> contact with the thumb to the chin, when it should be the index  
> finger to the chin.

Yes. This is exactly the reason why, years ago, members of our Deaf  
Action Committee decided (along with me), that writing the positions  
of contact was very important, because apparently the place of  
contact is important to the meaning in signs...

So although it may be a bit much to have to write the head twice in  
your name sign, I think it is the most accurate...See my next  
messages to Stuart to read about other issues revolving around double  

So your name sign attached is well written...very clear it is the  
index finger contacting!

Perhaps some of the classrooms at Georgia School for the Deaf would  
enjoy joining the SignWriting Literacy Project? Free materials are  
available...Go to this web page to read about it:

SignWriting Literacy Project

Val ;-)

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