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January 10, 2006

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I would prefer to have some kind of symbol that goes with
> the contact symbol that could indicate that the contact
> symbol/location is shared with all the hand shapes. A spelling rule
> could indicate what handshapes are associated with it or something. Or
> I suppose one could use #3 but omit the second touch symbol?

Hi Stuart and Everyone!
Yes...I can see your point. This is a funny problem, isn't it? I  
think you are right that we need to find an acceptable way to show  
this kind of movement, since in ASL, it happens a lot... In ASL there  
are some signs that Touch-Touch with the SAME finger, and other signs  
that Touch-Touch but with DIFFERENT fingers...ha!  I will think about  

And since this is a Name Sign, the need to keep it simple is  

If this were my Name Sign, I think I would choose Number 4, because  
it is so compact. Since there is no arrow saying that the hands move  
down, we could assume that the sign is in place? I am not sure of  
this...that is just me thinking out your idea about  
number 3 is a good one too....Val ;-)

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