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January 16, 2006

Hello Matjaz...
I remember you asked me these questions before...

Matjaž Juhart wrote:
> i am looking forward to this new knowledge, because we will start  
> with new project on sign language research and i feel this will  
> help. of course i am totaly new in this so i will be more active in  
> learning and less active in asking questions.
> 1. will you have any seminars or meetings in practical learning

There are several ways to learn SignWriting...One way is to learn on  
the web. Have you visited these web pages?

SW Lessons Directory

Course 1: Lessons In SignWriting

Course 2: SignWriting E-Lessons

Course 3: Learn To Read ASL in SignWriting

Course 4: Writing ASL Grammar In SignWriting

Course 5: Learn To Write SignWriting By Hand

Course 6: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

> 2. will you have any congres on this subject

There was the First European SignWriting Symposium in Brussels,  
Belgium in July, 2005:

First European SignWriting Symposium

or you could visit classrooms in Europe that are using SignWriting by  
traveling to the schools that use it...We can put you in contact with  
teachers who use SignWriting...

> 3. any link to how can i explain the importance of learning sign  
> writting and what the knowledge helps to those who are involved in  
> sign language research. the reason i need this is to get funding  
> for all that

Oh yes! For now, try...

SignWriting Teacher's Forum from teachers & students...

SignWriting Research Forum
...abstracts, papers & published research...

SignWriting Software Forum programs using SignWriting...

SignWriting Linguistic Forum
...linguistic issues about SignWriting...

and there is also...

Who Uses SignWriting?

Questions & Answers

  History of SignWriting

and take a look at SignBank and SignPuddle...


For starters! smile...

> thany you again for all
> wish you all the best
> matjaž juahrt

My pleasure!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

1. SignWriting
Read & Write Sign Languages

2. SignBank
Sign Language Database Software

3. SignPuddle
Create Signs in SignWriting Online!

4. MovementWriting
Read & Write ALL Body Movement

5. DanceWriting
Read & Write Dance Choreography

6. SportsWriting
Read & Write Different Kinds of Sports

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