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January 16, 2006

MatjaĆŸ Juhart wrote:
> 1. i don't know much about czech or polish sign language. All i can  
> tell you is that from 2002 slovenia has a special law on sign  
> language, and with this law sign language is equal to our spoken  
> language, deaf people can use it anywhere and the goverment pays  
> for the interpreter. I worked on that law and i worked on  
> establishing the school for interpreters. I also worked with  
> writting the curriculum for sign language clases. And now with my  
> new work in the national deaf association i work in the field of  
> developing the sign language for the purpuse of education and so  
> forth.

Hello Matjaz!
This is very impressive. I understand, from a previous message you  
wrote to me, that you are born into a Deaf family? So perhaps  
Slovenian Sign Language is your first native language? Well someday  
Slovenian Sign Language will be a written least it can  
start right now, and you may be one of the very first to try to write  
your language, which is a real pioneering position to be in! Kind of  
exciting though too...

Want to learn to write your first sign in SignWriting? What is the  
sign for Slovenia in Slovenian Sign Language? Do you have a small  
video clip or a web site you can point us to, so we can see the sign?  
Then we can write it together here on the List...

Val ;-)

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