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Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Wed Jan 18 20:16:52 UTC 2006

Hi Val and everyone:
whoah -- didn't realize the German-Swiss dictionary's even bigger than
ASL! Great work.
And thank you for your encouragement, Val!
The reason I've added *so* many signs to ASL puddle, is that I've used it
to create several of the pieces that are appearing in my ASL anthology. I
like the vertical format that much. So when a word is needed, I've been
putting it in! You will all be hearing from me when the book is ready to
send out to folks. Believe me, I wish its first run were printed and bound
already ...
I'm kinda hoping for more signs in the Japanese dictionary, since my
roomies during a course I took at Gallaudet last summer were both Japanese
-- and they were *very* impressed with Sign Puddle when I showed it to
them. Had some very interesting conversation comparing the 2 signed
Also, would like to see some more of what Irish signing is like; I
understand it's a lot like ASL ... will be going to Galway & Dingle in
May, and am curious about it.
Keep up the good work, all!
Val, keep up the good work, too, but stay healthy, too!
-- Kim from Boston
(too many other people named "Kim" around, hence my signoff)

sw-l at on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 2:11 PM
-0500 wrote:
>Yes...Great to see how many signs you have added to SignPuddle...Your  
>source-signature... Kim from Boston... is really cute! And thanks for  
>your kind words about SignPuddle - It is a great addition to our  
>SignWriting community... I agree!
>Some of the other dictionaries have really grown...
>Have you seen the German-Swiss SignPuddle? Close to 5000 signs I  

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