where is this handshape?

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That isn't just a local sign. ;-) As far as I know, it is used in several Deaf schools around the US. It actually comes from Gally. Yes, the junior/senior sign is also used along with other combinations but not as much. I have used them growing up as a Deaf child myself in a school for the deaf and hard of hearing here in California. (Yes I am Deaf; from birth.)
I actually came across that problem as well, but I was writing for everyday use so using the 5 hand shape (as Val already suggested) work just fine. The problem comes when you are trying to write more detailed which is what it seems you are doing to preserve signs. ;-) 
So to write it more detailed, you will need to wait till Ms. Val can add it to the IMWA. (And she will. She may get behind, but she gets it done.) All you need to do is let her know, which you have done, and she will take care of the rest. :-)
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Its a local variant of the sign that means 'Junior', as in an 11th grader. 
   I'll need something similar for Sophomore, the ring finger, only, 
extended; everything else up.  We also have a sign that means 
'junior/senior' a student who is both at the same time (yes that is 
possible here at GSD)  which I can do with whats in the SignPuddle.  I'm 
trying to document as many of the GSD-only signs I can find. 

I have downloaded SignBank, and I am eager to start the lessons.  I can't 
figure the darn thing out.  I did read the manual that was online, but all 
I see is a list of words...  how do I add my stuff?  Ok, I'll try to be 
patient, I know you're busy...  ::grin::

Cherie Wren
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Re: [sw-l] where is this handshape?

SignWriting List
January 26, 2006

Cherie from Georgia wrote:


Hello Cherie:
So in other words, you want all five fingers up and stretched, and 
then you project the Index Finger alone, forward??

As you know, our handshapes are grouped by the numbers 1-10 in 
American Sign Language. The first symbol you show above is the 8 Hand 
Group, because Group 8 involves the Middle Finger. The MIddle Finger 
is the lowest finger in that handshape, so it determines that it is 
in Group 8....The second one is in the 9 Hand Group, because it 
involves the Index and Thumb...

Based on the lowest finger, the handshape you want should be in the 
first hand group for the Index Finger. But it is not there, you are 
right! It belongs at the end of Group 1. I need to add it to the 
IMWA, and that may take me a week or so...or whatever...I am always 
behind by several weeks work these days...so meanwhile, I would 
suggest using the 5 Hand, and just show contact with the Index finger 
in the 5 hand for now, until I can add the symbol you want...

Want to show me the sign you want to write?

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