where is this handshape?

Gallant, Philippe PGallant at MERCYDESMOINES.ORG
Fri Jan 27 14:51:17 UTC 2006

Hello Cherie and Val,


I just created Junior and Senior where I sign along with others here.
Please let me know if this is what others sign this way as well...









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SignWriting List

January 26, 2006


Cherie in Georgia wrote:

	Its a local variant of the sign that means 'Junior', as in an
11th grader.    I'll need something similar for Sophomore, the ring
finger, only, extended; everything else up.  We also have a sign that
means 'junior/senior' a student who is both at the same time (yes that
is possible here at GSD)  which I can do with whats in the SignPuddle.
I'm trying to document as many of the GSD-only signs I can find. 


	I have downloaded SignBank, and I am eager to start the lessons.
I can't figure the darn thing out.  I did read the manual that was
online, but all I see is a list of words...  how do I add my stuff?  Ok,
I'll try to be patient, I know you're busy...  ::grin:: 


Regarding SignBank -

It is wonderful to know you are interested Cherie! That makes me happy.
Yes...I got overwhelmed by houseguests, and one phone call after the
other and well - you know life! We all have times like that, don't


But I will be happy to start teaching SignBank, now that I feel inspired
again by your interest ;-))



Regarding the sign for Junior -


Signs like these may technically have a minor difference in the finger
extending down a little, but just a minor difference is not necessarily
required to write it anyway...We used to write with a much smaller
symbolset, and we got along ok!


I will add the handshape to the IMWA later, but I think you can write
what you need right now is my guess...


Attached is the way we have always written the sign for Junior, without
adding a new handshape to the IMWA...


Would this writing work for you?




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