detailed argument for SignWriting to be used in Deaf Education

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Fri Jan 27 21:38:06 UTC 2006

did you read Cecilia Flood thesis ?
that's a good start about how SW can bring self esteem....

I personnally don't have experience using SW with deaf children but I'm
profoundly convinced it can help them acquire litteracy in the oral
language... skills in sign language can help deaf children develop better
skill in the oral language

There are different works on bilingualism (nothing to do with SW BUT... )and
the advantage of developping good skills in SL in order to help chiuldren
develpop skills in their second language : did you read the different
articles of Philip Prinz and Mickael Strong US (I can find the article if
you are interested  I should have it somewhere in my papers...)
Did you also read François Grosjean's works on bilingualism (university of
Neuchâtel, Switzerland)... (I have these document in my computer so I can
send them to you if you're interested... just have to check with François
(he used to be my teacher) if it's Ok for me to do so!!)

both works tend to show how important it is for deaf kids to develop good
skills in their first language (SL)....

I wrote a short text on using Sw to help deaf children develop litteracy...
but it's in french...  (you can find it on the

Hope it helped


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> hi everyone,
> sorry for not contributing in the past month - as much as I love you
> all, work demands my fullest attention of lately!!!
> as some of you know im one of the Trustees for the Deaf School here in
> Belfast, im trying to put together a detailed argument why we should
> teach sign-writing to deaf children in my School - perhaps you can
> tell me why it is important for them to learn this - and for what
> purposes?
> Shane xx

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