detailed argument for SignWriting to be used in Deaf Education

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many many thanks for this! :-) - i look forward to receive it.

Thierry, July & Kathleen,

how did you get your schools to use SignWriting - for what reasons?


On 27/01/06, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod <acpg at> wrote:
> did you read Cecilia Flood thesis ?
> that's a good start about how SW can bring self esteem....
> I personnally don't have experience using SW with deaf children but I'm
> profoundly convinced it can help them acquire litteracy in the oral
> language... skills in sign language can help deaf children develop better
> skill in the oral language
> There are different works on bilingualism (nothing to do with SW BUT... )and
> the advantage of developping good skills in SL in order to help chiuldren
> develpop skills in their second language : did you read the different
> articles of Philip Prinz and Mickael Strong US (I can find the article if
> you are interested  I should have it somewhere in my papers...)
> Did you also read François Grosjean's works on bilingualism (university of
> Neuchâtel, Switzerland)... (I have these document in my computer so I can
> send them to you if you're interested... just have to check with François
> (he used to be my teacher) if it's Ok for me to do so!!)
> both works tend to show how important it is for deaf kids to develop good
> skills in their first language (SL)....
> I wrote a short text on using Sw to help deaf children develop litteracy...
> but it's in french...  (you can find it on the
> Hope it helped
> Anny
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> > hi everyone,
> >
> > sorry for not contributing in the past month - as much as I love you
> > all, work demands my fullest attention of lately!!!
> >
> > as some of you know im one of the Trustees for the Deaf School here in
> > Belfast, im trying to put together a detailed argument why we should
> > teach sign-writing to deaf children in my School - perhaps you can
> > tell me why it is important for them to learn this - and for what
> > purposes?
> >
> > Shane xx
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