ASL Grammar - Is this correct?

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 30 19:51:34 UTC 2006

The deaf persons who gave me this response are the ones who teach NTS at the 
university college - and I was reading my writing to them, so they got the 
eybrows from there. They say that it is just this one 'wh-' quesstion, whis 
would be glossed *name you?*, that should have the brows up. All other such 
questions, like *name he?* (who is that? what's his name?) should have the 
brows down. -Which means that I would just be consiered as one who followed  
the gramatical rules a bit too rigorously, and could not be considered a 
native signer, even if it was 'perfect'


ps: as for the lessons, I just gave a comment ot you in another message. I 
feel very tired just now, am off my good medications in order to be ill 
enough for the doctor to prescribe them to me, so I am behind in things. 
Besides, I had to move office *and* move almost everything in my appartment 
because they were changing all the windows anfd creating quite a mess. Will 
be back.

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>Subject: [sw-l] ASL Grammar - Is this correct?
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>January 30, 2006
>Ingvild Roald wrote:
>>Hmm .. I wrote the equivalent question in Norwegian SL, and was  told by
>>deaf signers that actually, for this this particular question, the
>>eyebrows up is better, because it looks more friendly.  So I guess  things
>>differ a bit among language communities?? Ingvild
>Hello Ingvild and Adam!
>Thanks for your messages on grammar. I believe that facial  expressions, 
>related to grammar, are different in different signed it is 
>not surprising that there are differences in  Norwegian Sign Language 
>compared to ASL...
>But having said that, it also could be that the person who told you  this, 
>Ingvild, had never written Norwegian Sign Language, and so had  not 
>analyzed the possible nuances, depending on the structure of a  sentence...
>In ASL, the eyebrows change depending on the grammar  
>writing rules have to be established when we are writing Sign- Sentences...
>These kind of standardizations will come when more people write  
>SignWriting sentences that are not dependent on word-glosses... when  
>people compose directly in the movements of signed languages, then  the 
>grammar-writing improves...
>So the future is great, because Steve is working on a new program for  that 
>very purpose!
>Ingvild, while I have you online...have you seen these seven pages of  
>lessons I posted this weekend?...
>Lessons in Using SignPuddle with SignBank
>it is number 1 on that page...
>Until I hear from someone, that they were able to follow these  lessons and 
>open in Editor mode, I cannot continue with the tell me when 
>you have gotten that far...
>Any feedback on the lessons is greatly appreciated!
>Hugs -
>Val ;-)
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