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January 31, 2006

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> I still didn't success in opening the Open Me MAc File... grrrrrrr!
> For the french translation... il just takes me a few minutes  
> everytime so I'd rather continue doing it... instead of having the  
> whole book to translate at the end!

It is a little stressful for me, to have to post French at the same  
time that I am writing the book in English...I can barely keep  
focused...if  I make a change to a current page I will have to inform  
you and you will have to re-do the French...so for my sake, if I can  
at least get SignBank working for everyone, then we can do the  
translation when we find out what is the final book...you see just  
your problem (with not being able to download properly) will make a  
change to my lessons in English...so I am actually asking if you  
could hold the French files on your computer without sending them to  
me until we can succeed with your opening your SignBank and use it  
first...then we can post the French...hope that is ok with you? I am  
confused and losing things right now...so many wonderful projects and  
you are amazing and special, Anny - your hard work is truly  
appreciated...I feel so fortunate that you care about this for the  
French speaking people!

So download the .sit and see what happens this time! I hope it works  
for you...

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