Editing SignWriting Literature, email overload and schedules ;-)

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Jul 8 13:26:46 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
July 8, 2006

Hello Stefan and Ingvild!
Thank you for telling me that you are following the messages about  
editing literature! That is good to know! We are so fortunate to have  
your interest and attention, because this will help the writing  
system...so thank you for that!

I wasn't sure that anyone was following. Most people are on vacation,  
and email is becoming overwhelming.

Yesterday I had so many problems I was driven crazy by it...behind  
the scenes I must have had 10 messages from technicians trying to  
figure out why people's messages are being lost...and my own personal  
email is clogged and DeafVision cannot figure out what is wrong with  
our server...I believe you call it L.I.F.E? ha!

So I thought maybe if I cut back on sending so many messages, the  
problems would solve themselves..I believe that the internet is  
becoming clogged with so much spam, that it is actually hurting our  

And then Cherie was having problems with SignText using Internet  
Explorer. Cherie...are you able to use Firefox on your home computer  
over the weekend? smile...I will be happy to continue editing and  
finishing Jack and Jill this weekend on the List...smile...I noticed  
you made some changes in your last version of Jack and Jill that I  
didn't understand...So let's continue discussing Jack and Jill on the  
List...you may not even see your email this weekend, and that is ok  
too...but I will post some comments next message...

On Monday I start working with Ethiopian Handshapes, and working with  
your beautiful illustrations, Stefan! The IMWA work starts on Monday.

We are also writing a grant, and I hope to get funding for Cherie's  
school...the Georgia Institute for the Deaf...so they can use  
SignWriting this new school year...

Thanks again for your interest in editing documents! We will do it on  
the List, as you request...

Look next message -

Val ;-)

PS. Stefan and Ingvild...you are welcome to post your own documents  


On Jul 8, 2006, at 4:29 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
> I very much agree with Stephan - these processes are very useful.   
> I do
> not want to miss them.
> Ingvild


On Jul 8, 2006, at 12:19 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie and listmembers,
> I am sorry to tell you that I feel surprised to read this message.
> From my point of view it would be a pity to miss these fruitful  
> discussions
> which will lead to some kind of spelling agreement. And it is very  
> much this
> process that goes along with creating a new published document.  
> While you
> are discussing I myself try to solve the problem my way or try to  
> figure out
> what might probably look different in the end ... So this reading  
> of these
> editing - messages are a great opportunity to learn!!
> I guess that other sw-list members follow these discussions with great
> attention and interest as well.
> So all I can tell - I am still very much interested to develop a  
> higher
> level in spelling, and SignText Editing and creating documents with  
> other
> programs compared to SW44 --
> The number of emails should not be a critical aspect since anybody  
> could
> press the delete button so quickly if he is not interested in this  
> message -
> What do you think?  Can you change your mind?
> Stefan ;-))
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> SignWriting List
> July 7, 2006
> Dear SW List Members!
> I can see how much email we all have. It has increased lately.
> Sometimes the List works well. Sometimes email is lost. Lots of
> information is flowing, but just like computers, our brains can
> become clogged too!
> I am going to try to manage better now...so that all our work with
> SignWriting is more peaceful...
> Cherie and I can edit her work off the List now, privately. That way,
> we can finish the stories quietly and post them as finished stories
> on the web for all of you to read and enjoy...
> If others want me to edit your work, I am happy to do it too,
> privately off the List...I am creating a calendar with my
> schedule...so you can see when I can schedule working with you in the
> future...
> I will always be here, and you are welcome to post anytime...and I
> hope you will!
> And questions about spellings are excellent...I am only taking the
> editing of literature offline, to lessen the email load...
> Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
> Val ;-)

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