Rotation Movement Arrows

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 11 00:35:06 UTC 2006

The way we sign it here, Christmas arcs AND rotates...
 It arcs up like the first picture, but the hand ends
up facing palm up/back toward the signer.  So neither
of those pictures is quite right, it should be a
combination of both?


--- Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> July 10, 2006
> CWren at wrote:
> >OK, I know that rotation and travelling rotation
> are different, but... 
> >  Take the sign for Christmas, for example.   is
> one of the ways it is 
> > written in the Puddle.  But its really not just a
> simple rotation... 
> >  it's arcing up and over as it rotates...
> Hi Cherie -
> Yes, Rotation Movement takes some training. And
> SignPuddle is not the place to learn SignWriting!
> SignPuddle is a place to experiment with writing
> for the first time, and adding the signs you need
> when you are first beginning. It is open to the
> public and anyone can add signs. We will now be
> offering private SignPuddles for a small yearly
> fee, for those who have their own project, but the
> Community SignPuddle has a big welcome sign on it!
> And I am glad because it is a place for us to
> share spellings and to also try new ways to spell
> etc...
> Sometimes I go in and try to clean some of the
> signs but it is so much work that I stopped doing
> that....because I cannot keep up with all the
> wonderful entries that happen daily now...
> When I do go in, I place my name on the source, so
> at least you can see that it was a sign I
> entered...I hope other skilled signwriters will
> also place their names in the source because that
> will help people find the signs that are written
> by skilled signwriters ;-)
> Regarding the sign for Christmas...Take a look at
> this web page:
> and I can see in SignPuddle, there are two
> spellings and you are referring to the second one
> (see attached)...I can understand why that
> confused you! Technically the second spelling
> tells us that the hand stays in one place. It does
> not travel like the first one. It is not in an arc
> of a Christmas Wreath at all! It rotates with the
> forearm parallel to the floor, and the hand turns
> over...I think that is not a good spelling, do
> you? We need to improve that spelling and then
> throw the old one out....want to try?
> right ahead...

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