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July 10, 2006

CWren at wrote:
>OK, I know that rotation and travelling rotation are different, but... 
>  Take the sign for Christmas, for example.   is one of the ways it is 
> written in the Puddle.  But its really not just a simple rotation... 
>  it's arcing up and over as it rotates...

Hi Cherie -
Yes, Rotation Movement takes some training. And
SignPuddle is not the place to learn SignWriting!
SignPuddle is a place to experiment with writing
for the first time, and adding the signs you need
when you are first beginning. It is open to the
public and anyone can add signs. We will now be
offering private SignPuddles for a small yearly
fee, for those who have their own project, but the
Community SignPuddle has a big welcome sign on it!
And I am glad because it is a place for us to
share spellings and to also try new ways to spell

Sometimes I go in and try to clean some of the
signs but it is so much work that I stopped doing
that....because I cannot keep up with all the
wonderful entries that happen daily now...

When I do go in, I place my name on the source, so
at least you can see that it was a sign I
entered...I hope other skilled signwriters will
also place their names in the source because that
will help people find the signs that are written
by skilled signwriters ;-)

Regarding the sign for Christmas...Take a look at
this web page:

and I can see in SignPuddle, there are two
spellings and you are referring to the second one
(see attached)...I can understand why that
confused you! Technically the second spelling
tells us that the hand stays in one place. It does
not travel like the first one. It is not in an arc
of a Christmas Wreath at all! It rotates with the
forearm parallel to the floor, and the hand turns
over...I think that is not a good spelling, do
you? We need to improve that spelling and then
throw the old one out....want to try?
right ahead...

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