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AlysseR at AOL.COM AlysseR at AOL.COM
Sun Jul 23 12:03:21 UTC 2006

Those of us who are managing the lists 


have really been slammed with returned and bounced mail ever since  January.  
We've tried to clean everything up from behind the scenes, but it  just keeps 
getting worse.  So, we're going to ask for your help.   :)
I'm going to send you an email from a new non-AOL account:  
_teachasl at gmail.com_ (mailto:teachasl at  
In theory, you don't need to do a thing.  :)  If the address is  bad, you'll 
never know it and I'll get bounced all over creation.  :)   HOWEVER, I would 
like to ask EACH of you to respond to THAT message (not this  one :) so I can 
double check things.  
All you need to do is reply back to the email that comes to you from 
_teachasl at gmail.com_ (mailto:teachasl at .  Something like  "ok", will be 
fine.  That will tell me that you think it is a VALID  address.  Then I'll check 
your reply against the "bounces", "returned", and  "unknown senders".
It's going to take a while to get out to everyone ... I can't just send  1000 
names all at once.  the services will think I'm a spammer :D ... I'm  going 
to start with the smaller digests & then do the lists in the following  order:  
sw-l, teachasl, slling, and terps-l (cause slling & terps-l  seem to have 
fewer problems :) 
It may take a few days.
Alysse Lemery  Rasmussen
TeachASL _www.teachasl.org_ ( 

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