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Want to take a course in ASL Literature?  Sign up for EDG 2935  Selected 
Topics in Education:  ASL Literature.  The course  starts Aug 28, you MUST 
register with VCC by 8/11 -- my sister's birthday  :) 
If you're looking to get a head-start  ... here's some helpful  information.  
First ... Valencia  will have the required books -- but you could also order 
any of them from the  publishers or from (or even get them used!) 
The 3 texts you must  read are

Rutherford,  S. (1993). A study of American deaf folklore. Burtonsville, MD: 
Linstok Press.  

(read  it by mid September; $23.00 new; $13.00 used)
Eastman, G.  C. (1997). Sign  me Alice & Laurent Clerc: A profile—two deaf 
plays. San Diego, CA: DawnSignPress.   
(read it by the  first part of October; $11.00 new; $6.00 used) 
Valli,  Clayton. ASL Poetry: Selected Works of Clayton Valli. Video.  San  
Diego: Dawn Pictures, 1995.    
(watch it by the end of  October; $50.00 new; ? used)

By the way, you're not trying to  memorize these, just read for general 
content and ... well, for fun!   :) 
RECOMMENDED, but not REQUIRED ...  If you could beg, borrow, or buy :) -- 
stealing's bad! -- a copy of  
Peters, C. (2000). Deaf American literature from carnival to the  canon. 
Washington, D.C: Gallaudet University Press, you'll be really glad  you did.  ($63 
new; $50 used)
If money's impossibly tight, make friends with your local Library :)
Second ... Course  assessments:  You'll complete 2 exams, one big project, 
and  participate in weekly discussions.  All online!  No driving.

The majority of the literature we'll  study will be performed in ASL.  We'll 
be looking at few printed works in  the majority language, and some Deaf View 
/ Image Art.  But mostly, it's  sign language works in fables, folklore, 
jokes, legends, myths, tall tales,  narratives, plays & theatrical performances, 
film & television, &  poetry.  Several publishers have given me permission to 
use some (or ALL)  of their videos in the class.  You will NOT need to purchase  
Eyeth or Golden Legacy or  Deafology 101 or ... :) ... well, better not tell 
you  ALL the surprises in one email. 

We're going to reflect  on:
What is literature?
What is Deaf  literature?
What is it's past, present, and  future?
Who has the "right" to create literature for the  Deaf?
Can culture, language, and literature be  separated?
What constitutes "good" (or "bad")  literature?
If plots, characters, and settings motivate American  literature, what drives 
ASL Lit?
and a bunch more stuff like that.   :)

We're also going to create a  unique capstone (culminating  project) that 
will be tailored to your special interest area ... i.e.   teaching, interpreting, 
creative arts, Deaf Ed, Special Ed, etc.  So when  you leave the class, 
you'll leave with something that you can start USING right  away!

If you've got any questions, feel free to email me back (_AlysseR at aol.com_ 
(mailto:AlysseR at , works best when school's not  in session) or give me 
a call at 321-354-9952 (home).
Oh, and if you're already registered, please let me know whether or not you  
would like to attend an OPTIONAL face-to-face orientation.  If there's  enough 
interest, I'll set one up.  
I'll hold virtual office hours (TBA) throughout the semester, too.
Third ... this Valencia link will walk you through  EVERYTHING you need to 
know to make the software (WebCT6) work  for you.  
_ (    
Plus, VCC has 24/7 online and telephone support for using WebCT.  Even if  
you've had WebCT classes in the past, go through this anyway, there are some  
changes in the new version -- its MUCH easier to use!  :)  

Lastly, I am VERY excited about teaching this course.  This course  will be 
work -- but it's going to be a BLAST, too.   We'll have  self-help areas where 
you can get assistance with anything that's  unclear.



PS ... feel free to share this with anyone you think might be  interested.

Alysse Rasmussen
Associate Faculty Instructor, ASL
Valencia  Community College
P. O. Box 3028
Orlando, FL   32802-3028
321-354-9952 (office)
407-299-5000  (campus)

Alysse Lemery  Rasmussen
TeachASL _www.teachasl.org_ ( 

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