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June 3, 2006

I just looked up information about Bebian...Here it looks  
like to me, that he was a hearing person, and there were political  
problems for him...he had a zeal for reform...sounds familiar? ha!

Roch Ambroise Auguste Bebian

BEBIAN, Roch Ambroise Auguste, educator, born on the island of  
Guadeloupe in 1786; died there in 1834. lie was the son of a  
merchant, and was encouraged to devote himself to the instruction of  
the deaf and dumb by his godfather, the Abbe Sicard, under whose  
direction he qualified himself for the task. He published "Essai sur  
les sourdmuets et sur le langage nature1" (1817), and afterward  
became a professor in the royal institution for deaf-mutes. His zeal  
for reform excited much jealousy, and, in 1825, he was compelled to  
resign his professorship and return to his native island. His other  
publications were "Mimogra-phie, ou Essai d'ecriture mimique" (Paris,  
1822)" " Manuel d'enseignement pratique" (1827) ; and "Eloge  
historique de l'abb6 de l'Epee."

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