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June 3, 2006

I tried to find a copy of his paper on his writing system on this web  

and I got a listing of all his papers, but I could not read the  
computer file they had for it

...Shane, did you find pictures of what his writing system looked  
like?  Val ;-)


Works by Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste (5 found)

     * Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste: Essai sur les sourds-muets et  
sur le langage naturel, ou introduction à une classification  
naturelle des idées avec leurs signes propres. Paris : Dentu 1817 -  
viii, 150 p.

     * Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste: Eloge de Charles-Michel de l 
´Epée. (Abgedruckt in Sicard 1820.). Paris : Dentu 1819

     * Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste: Manuel d'enseignement pratique  
des sourds-muets. Tome I : Modèles d'exercices (204 pp.), Tome II :  
Explications (371 pp.). Paris : Méquignon 1827

     * Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste: Mimographie ou essai d´écriture  
mimique, propre à régulariser le langage des sourds-muets. Paris :  
Colas 1825 - 42 p.

     * Bébian, Roch-Ambroise Auguste: Essay on the deaf and natural  
language, or introduction to a natural classification of ideas with  
their proper signs. In: Lane, Harlan / Philip, Franklin (eds): The  
deaf experience. Classics in language and education. Cambridge,Mass :  
Harvard Univ. Pr. (1984) - pp. 129-160

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