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June 15, 2006

Thierry in French-Belgium wrote:
> Hope you are going well... I have been very busy lately but I  
> wanted to give you a few
> news from French-speaking Belgium :

Wonderful to hear all the news!

> Damien and I trained four people on SW today. Three of them are
> Sign Language teachers. They were all amazed by the possibilities  
> of SW and will spread the word around.
> They asked us to train them again in October.

Great! I am sorry I am late with sending you the materials for the  
SignWriting Literacy Project (hello Cecile!). I received the letter  
from the school and Cecile asking to participate...thank you for that!

I got behind printing the materials for Cecile's classes...I hope  
they didn't think I had forgotten them! I will write to Cecile today.

> We plan to introduce SW to LSFB interpreters when the
> new interpreter training will be launched- (probably in 2007).

Terrific! Will you be presenting a workshop in Prague?

> Our website now contains 202 signs with SW. There are  
> several hundreds more
> signs waiting to be inserted, but it takes a lot of time.

I just visited it - It is absolutely fantastic and I am sooo  

> We need to correct all the signs in the Sign
> Puddle (some people have been adding wrong signs, and I have not  
> had the time to change them) We will add
> many more signs to our website before September. Please feel free  
> to correct any spellings that seem odd to
> you by sending me a message. You can check them by watching the  
> videos and comparing them with the SW
> spellings. We still want to learn!

OK. Thanks for being open to instruction! If I can share the  
instruction with the SW List, that can help others while we discuss  
your that ok with you? If you prefer private instruction,  
perhaps you can purchase a private SignPuddle v1.0?

Did you know that you can purchase your own private SignPuddle on the  
web? It is just like the public SignPuddle, but it is private. No one  
can access it or change your signs. It costs $200 yearly, with full  
private technical support....of course your current SignPuddle is  
open to the public and will always be free...

I will post information about the Private SignPuddle next message...

> The training at the Deaf school of Ghlin is almost over. I still
> need three more mornings and then the deaf teachers will be able to  
> use SW in class. The SW will officially
> be used from September in that school. In Liege, Cecile is still  
> using SW with her deaf students.

Wonderful news! I will communicate with Cecile today...

> A
> couple of hearing students have written their BA thesis on SW. One  
> of them designed materials (especially
> games) to be used in class with deaf kids.

Really? Wow! We would love to see them....

> I forgot to ask Cecile to send you a copy because I found it
> really amazing (lots of colour pictures with clear explanations).  
> Cecile told me she has still not received
> anything from you about the literacy project (however do not feel  
> in a hurry because the school year is now
> almost over).

I know. I feel quite guilty...I need another month to print the  
materials one at a time...I print each one myself...we got busy with  
the National Association of the Deaf Conference here on June  
29th...but once it is over I will focus on sending the materials to  

> Regarding LSFB classes, using SW with LSFB beginner students has  
> proved successful :
> they are more accurate when signing, but we still need confirmation  
> and they also need further training on
> SW.

This is amazing!!

> Bruno and I would like the Brazilian manual to be translated into  
> French. It is very good for us
> and matches our expectations. We both feel it has more visual  
> details than the first SW manual (which is of
> course very good for a crash course). I was thinking about  
> translating it during the following months (and
> add our own examples) and also make a short training video in LSFB  
> for deaf people.

Which Brazilian manual is this? I know they have many!!

or do you mean the manual from Spain or Norway or Germany or  
Nicaragua? smile....we are so blessed!

> That's all for
> now... Hope it's all good news for you!
> Thierry

THANK YOU! Your report is outstanding....

You should feel real proud of all your accomplishments! I am floating  
on a cloud to think of all

Val ;-)

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