I need an arrow

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Wed Jun 21 18:23:50 UTC 2006

Strange! I loaded one of Cherie's versions into SignMaker to adapt it 
to an alternative I thought of and when it saved, it overwrote Cherie's 
mainstream_2. I was intending mainstream_6 and though it would 
automatically write it in as #6 when I saved it as mainstream. I'm not 
sure why it didn't. (Sorry, Cherie!)

Anyway, I wanted to suggest this alternative in the spelling like in 
the attached image. This keeps the handshapes apart. With the ending 
position, I don't know if we need athe twist on the arrow since the 
change in handshape already indicates that. Also, I think the surface 
symbol is useful here to show both hands, but you still know they are 
on top of each other. Finally, I sense more of a ending rub than an 
ending touch, so I replaced the touch with a rub.  What do you think? I 
thought this might help to keep the emphasis of the individual within a 
group that the sign is clearly emphasizing.

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On Jun 21, 2006, at 13:03, Gallant, Philippe wrote:

> Cherie,
> ?
> Looks great!? The only minor spelling for this sign at the start point 
> (both hands) doesn?t need the gaps.? So I created the fourth one like 
> this:
> ?<unknown.jpg>
> ?
> Hope this helps?
> ?
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> ?
> <unknown.gif>? ? OK, I think I have figured out constructing new 
> arrows... ?How do they look? ? I would like the curves to look a 
> little curvier... ?but I like it better than the options I had before 
> constructing! ? ?I also wonder about the way the two arrows are side 
> by side... ?The handshapes end up on top of each other, is there any 
> way the arrows could show that 'merge' better? ?maybe if they angled 
> in slightly, instead of ending parallel to each other? ? Hmmm... 
> ?maybe I'll try using that curved arrow as the base and adding...
> FYI: ?the sign is MAINSTREAM (school); a more political version that 
> ends in a visual representation of -one- Deaf student among -many- 
> hearing, that also (not so coincidentally) happens to look a heck of a 
> lot like the sign for 'oppression' ?---For the one gloss/many signs 
> thread-- ?this is an example where a variation in signing carries 
> cultural/political meaning. ?It adds a little -opinion- to the word 
> ::smile::
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