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June 22, 2006

Eyasu tamene from Ethiopia wrote:
> Thanks for your appreciation.  Stefan and I are on the verge of  
> finishing fonts for the Ethiopian Manual Alphabets(EMA).  It was  
> really very much interesting but hard to accompany the arrows with  
> the handshapes.  It is to remembered that in EMA there are 33  
> alphabets and each contains 7 forms which can be distinguised by  
> arrows.  Totally they are 231.  We were agreed that Val's support  
> would lead us to perfection.

Hello Eyasu and Stefan!
Your work with Ethiopian Sign Language is so fascinating, and I look  
forward to more time, after the NAD Conference in a week, to be able  
to work more earnestly on your elegant project!

The NAD Conference brings 1000 to 3000 members of the US Deaf  
Community together, all in one big conference! It only happens once  
every two years. Last year, our country had a big flood in New  
Orleans, in the state of Louisiana. The NAD Conference in 2006 was  
scheduled to take place in New Orleans, and when that flood happened,  
they moved the conference to California, just a few hours drive from  
where I live. So now I can participate in the NAD Conference this  
year! I am printing documents and DVDs to give away at this important  

And guess what?! My elderly parents are coming with me to the NAD  
Conference! As supporters of SignWriting for 30 years, I think that  
is great for them to see SignWriting being discussed in American Sign  
Language! The NAD is taking place in the California desert...in a  
city named Desert Springs. It can be very hot there in the summer.  
But I know in Ethiopia it gets very hot too...In Ethiopia you really  
know the desert...smile...

I hope I can lead you to perfection in July! Thank you for saying  
that. You are so kind!

I am returning from the Conference July 3rd, so after that I have on  
my calendar to work on the handshapes of Ethiopia and the IMWA. The  
two jobs are connected to each other. And it will lead to handshape  
illustrations for Belgium too.

Val's schedule

1. June 29-July 3....NAD Conference

2. July 5 - August 1st
Ethiopian Handshapes, adding new SignWriting symbols to the IMWA,  
adding handshape illustrations to SignBank.
Plus printing books for the French-Belgium SignWriting Literacy Project.

3. August 1st - August 21st
Full-Body Movement Writing, writing the Norwegian Craftsmen project  
from video, and adding the Full-Body symbols to the IMWA as I  
complete the Norwegian document.

4. September
School Year begins in US....we hope to start a SignWriting project at  
a residential school for the Deaf this Fall, and we are working on  
the grant for that project right now.

So July is my month for Ethiopia and the IMWA, and I will treasure  
the experience!

Your patience has been greatly appreciated! July is almost here...;-)

Val ;-)
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