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Thu Jun 22 18:50:05 UTC 2006

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June 22, 2006

Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> I am afraid that I have difficulty to understand the term "LOWEST"  
> finger in
> the handshape - What is the "Lowest" finger - I guess it is the  
> pinky - but
> and in that case I would vote for the flat hand as the Rootshape -  
> but you
> talk about the claw?? I am sorry ... that I cannot follow.

What a wonderful photo, Stefan! As always you create the best  

The diagram attached shows it cannot come from a Square Fist  
Rootshape, because no finger tip touches the palm of the hand...that  
is why your original symbol needs to be changed from a square for a  
fist, to another Rootshape...

The lowest fingertip of the four fingers is the one that is  
bent...and that forms the base...the lowest fingertip of the four  
fingers...the shape of that finger, creates the base...

Certainly using the Flat Hand as a base, is better than the Fist in  
your original writing...I believe you agree?

So we can certainly discuss the ideas between Claw and Flat Hand  
Rootshapes in July...that will be fun!! No matter what, the writing  
will be clear in the end...

Thank you for your brilliant discussions!  Val ;-)

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