SW at Gallaudet, and the NAD Conference ;-)

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Mon Jun 26 04:04:13 UTC 2006

More power to all you lucky ducks who are going to the NAD conference
(despite those brutal temperatures)! So wonderful, Val, that your parents
will be there as well.
Yes, I have seen those notepads and plan to buy some for myself; they look
Maybe if I run around campus using them there, that will scare some of the
Gallaudet SignWriters out of the woodwork ...
Am looking forward to all the post-NAD things I know people will be
Kim from Boston

sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu on Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 8:31 PM -0500
>I just heard that today it was 111 degrees Fahrenheit in Palm Desert,  
>where the NAD Conference will be held...that is 44 degrees Celcius! A  
>tad warm...smile...Adam Frost and my family will be driving to the  
>desert on Thursday and the big night for us is Thursday, when they  
>open the Exhibit Hall for a sneak peak at 9:00pm...after the opening  
>I will leave most ASL conversation to Adam, who can just point to me  
>in the back if someone wants to talk to me! Thank you, Adam, for  
>helping me so much!
>I am printing the literature for our exhibit booth, one brochure at a  
>time myself...
>On our table we will have:
>1. Deaf Perspective on SW DVDs for those who get there first
>2. SignPuddle 1.0 flyers
>3. Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting flyer by Lucinda O'Grady Batch
>4. and a new little ...What is SignWriting flyer...which I will share  
>with you shortly...
>and then posters that teach the symbols, and a poster telling  
>everyone about Stuart and Philip's workshop on Sunday July 2nd...
>My parents are all excited and looking forward to driving to the  
>desert. The three of us are partners in our little non-profit  
>organization, and I am so glad my folks have a chance to see  
>SignWriting being used by the Deaf Community...they do not sign, but  
>they have supported SignWriting in other ways all these years...with  
>financial and moral support, which means so much...I just got a small  
>outside grant to help pay for some of the NAD conference costs, so  
>that is cool...
>Kim - have you seen the ASL notepads? They are designed in Iowa....I  
>LOVE them!

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