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Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 29 10:23:34 UTC 2006

Dear Sebolebo,

let me turn your question around:

Why must hearing children and adults learn to read and write? - They can do 
without, humans have done for thousand of years, and many still do. But in 
our modern society, literacy is a must. A language that is not written, is 
held in lower esteem. Those who cannot read and write their own language, 
but have to use another languge for reading and writing, get a more 
difficult task sorting their own thoughts for presentations etc. The best 
way to learn to read and write another language fluently, is to first learn 
to rad and write one´s own language. This goes for any language, spoken or 
signed. So the real question should be: Why should Deaf children and adults 
not learn to read and write their own language, using sign writing?


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>Hello,SW-List member
>I'm well and hope you are fine.
>Let me know Why must Deaf children and adult learning SignWriting?
>Hope that you will reply it as soon as possible.
>Thank you
>Sebolelo N.

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