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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Mar 8 20:31:38 UTC 2006

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March 8, 2006

Hello Philippe and Charles!
It is true that the OLD SignWriter DOS dictionary file had around  
3,100 signs...smile...Time has flown!

Now, we are using SignPuddle - SignText - SignBank. I personally do  
not use SignWriter any longer.

In SignPuddle, if you go to the American dictionary...

American SignPuddle

....you will see we have 4613 signs in the ASL dictionary right now!  
Philippe works at a Medical facility in Iowa and is adding medical  
signs to our puddle right now...and Charles, there is no problem  
writing the technical signs from the RIT NTID Tech signs manuals...as  
you know, they use SignWriting in their books and we have their  
permission already...isn't that great?! So go ahead and add signs as  
you wish...we can put credit to them in the source area in SignPuddle...

Philippe - as Steve already explained...the signs have to be entered  
recently in SignPuddle to be able to load into SignText...they have  
to be created originally with SignPuddle to work...but around 3000  
signs were just pasted in there as graphics, a long time ago, when we  
first got started...if we deleted all those graphics files, then you  
would never get any question marks in your SignText sentences, but we  
would not have 4613 signs in the ASL SignPuddle...more like 2000 or  
so...but I am tempted to delete all the signs that are graphics in  
SignPuddle...what do you think?  Val ;-)

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